Day 95: Pterodactyl Textured PS1 Style

Textured yesterday’s Petrodactyl, using alligators and iguanas’ photos. This was a lot of fun!

A low poly dinosaur / Pterodactyl, PS1 style modeled, UV unwrapped and textured with Blender.


  • Create a 1024×1024 texture with a collage of photos that will be the model’s texture.
  • Create 2 UV Maps: the first one is the “main UV” and the second one is the “projected UV”. Activate the projected UV.
  • UV project the model onto the photo collage.
  • Activate the main UV and create the final UV (seams, unwrap, etc).
  • Create a new 1024×1024 empty image file inside Blender and assign it to the model’s material.
  • Go to Texture Paint, and clone the “projected UV” onto the “main UV”, using the photo collage as the source and the new empty image as the destination. Choose “Closest” when painting.
  • After finishing cloning, use the clone tool to fix visible seams.
  • After finishing everything, save the painted texture and resize it externally to 512×512 or 256×256 using Cubic interpolation.