Alfred R. Baudisch and Koda
Koda the Dachshund and I

Alfred Reinold Baudisch, self-taught software engineer, jack of all trades, master of learning techniques and database architecture, with 30 years of software development experience (I started when I was 6 years old in 1993).

I have worked on hundreds of software development projects, using many different languages and frameworks. Elixir and Phoenix authority since 2015. Currently working as Elixir backend developer and PostgreSQL data architect in Copenhagen, Denmark.

My life’s mission is to acquire knowledge in every possible field and subject. The world has so much to offer, that the idea of focusing on a single subject my whole life would be the same as throwing away my opportunity to live.

Alfred Reinold Baudisch

My biggest passion in life is to learn new things and develop new abilities and new crafts, and to experiment with them, creating little projects, mostly Code, Art, and Games. This is clearly shown by the number of projects and single pieces of work that I have created in the past two decades.

My biggest aim in life is to achieve what I call “Art Life” or “Creative Life”, where I can just freely acquire knowledge and experiment with various crafts every day, full time, without any commercial compromise nor pressure, without any need for communication. You can think about this as my desire to achieve early retirement and then live in a cave as an hermit artist and scientist.

Some of my projects turned into companies, where one of them, Fred, raised a round of angel capital from a venture investor. Cobra Legal, one of my previous companies, was all about herpetology education and giving parties with real snakes wrapped around my neck.

In order to get better at art and other creative skills and to live a small portion of my dreamed “creative life”, I started the Dailies project, where I create a piece of work every day, from start to finish.

I THINK IN PICTURES. Words are like a second language to me. I translate both spoken and written words into full-color movies, complete with sound, which run like a VCR tape in my head. When somebody speaks to me, his words are instantly translated into pictures. Language-based thinkers often find this phenomenon difficult to understand, but in my job […], visual thinking is a tremendous advantage. Visual thinking has enabled me to build entire systems in my imagination.

By Temple Grandin // My mind also works just like as described here

Current Work

  • Senior Software Engineer at FarmBackup
  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Engineer of real-time farming, tracking and mapping systems and APIs, responsible for all layers, except frontend * (from the specification to the development of the backend, database modeling, database administration, to testing, documenting, deploying, and monitoring).
  • Agrotech data scientist and data analyst.
  • Languages and platforms: Elixir, Phoenix Web Framework, Ecto, JavaScript, Redux, React, React Native, PostgreSQL, Heroku, AWS, Bash
  • Heavy usage of Phoenix Channels.

* When it comes to the frontend in React and React Native I just take care of the data modeling and making sure everything is handling backend events correctly. When it comes to frontend in general, I’m not good with CSS.

Main Professional Skills

  • Software and systems engineer with more than 26 years of experience, having worked in hundreds of different projects across different categories (mobile, web, desktop software, games, mobile apps and games, APIs, and more).
    • Current languages: Elixir, Erlang, GDScript, and JavaScript
    • Current frameworks and platforms: Phoenix Web Framework, PostgreSQL, Godot Engine, Redux, React and React Native
  • System specification, architecture, and documentation writing
  • Database architecture, modeling, scaling, and administration, especially PostgreSQL
    • Naturally, I have vast experience with SQL and PL/pgSQL.
  • Specialized in connected, distributed and real-time systems, interfaces, and APIs.
    • For the past few years, my real-time implementations always involve Phoenix Channels, and recently, Phoenix LiveView.

Personal Details

ABC's 'The Good Doctor' champions inclusiveness - ABC7 San Francisco
Savant “VR-like” vision
  • From March 18, 1987, Brazilian, currently in Copenhagen – Denmark
  • Married, two kids (two weenie dogs)
  • Self-taught programming at the age of 6, developed my first software at the age of 8 and first freelance work at the age of 13
  • Savant Autistic and Polymath
    • My savantism adds a “Minority Report/VR-Like” vision in front of me 24/7, with images with knowledge deconstruction and connections, similarly to how “Shaun” sees in the series “The Good Doctor”
    • My mind and the way I think is like Google Images connected by “floating flowcharts”.
    • Late diagnosis at the age of 32 years old
    • My mind works similarly as to that described by Temple Grandin, as she describes herself in her book THINKING IN PICTURES.
  • My father was a famous Brazilian angler in Brazil, where he aired his fishing TV show, Pesca Dinâmica, for more than 20 years on Brazilian TV and since 2007 on YouTube
    • I also record fishing videos to his YouTube channel, to keep his legacy alive
  • My main interests are art (I am OBSESSED by art), dachshund dogs, patterns in nature and architecture, videogames (especially RPGs and MMORPGs), and especially, learning new things
    • But since I learn new things all the time, my interests also shift all the time, don’t trust me when I say that I’m highly interested in X, because the next day that may change.
    • When it comes to art, I don’t have any preference, I studied and keep studying all periods of art and artists (including history of art, and many museum visits and art books). I am also deeply involved with digital art. When it comes to art creation myself, I mostly make 3D art (with Blender) and I’m very fond of the Play Station 1 graphics style of art.
“Play Station 1-like” dachshund that I modeled and textured using photos from my dog, Koda (made in 2020 using Blender, Krita and GIMP)

Other Skills and Interests

  • Everything revolves around reading and books, so I don’t have to mention that.
  • Being a programmer and dealing with programming is just the tip of the iceberg for me (I see programming as a tool to create solutions).
  • Most things that I have created are experiments, and they are eventually abandoned, or I like to say, the experiment has been “successfully experimented“. In the end, my biggest mission in life is to learn and create, no matter what.
  • Teaching and learning techniques, methods, and knowledge deconstruction.
    • I like to study and improve in learning abilities in general
    • I also like to teach whatever subject I’m currently interested in, which led me to create different YouTube channels, tutorials, and more in the past years.
  • Writing in general
    • I have had many blogs, where I wrote hundreds of articles and tutorials on many different subjects. Sadly, all the blogs are gone.
    • I republished some old articles and also published new ones on my Medium.
  • Additional programming languages:
    • 10+ years experience:
      • PHP
      • C#
      • Lua
    • < 5 years experience:
      • Kotlin
  • I worked with many other programming languages, libraries, frameworks, etc. but since I used them to finish specific projects, I won’t list them here. As an engineer, I can basically work with any language, on a project requirement basis.
  • Game development engines:
    • Unity
    • Godot
    • Roblox
  • Art:
    • 3D modeling, animation, composing, and texturing with Blender
    • Digital sketching and painting with Procreate, Krita, and Photoshop
    • Vectorial art with Inkscape
  • Insect and Plant Macro Photography
  • Basic music composition (very basic MIDI and chiptune abilities)