Day 62: Blender UV Mapping Refresher

From time to time, it seems I completely forget everything about UV Mapping. It is still the 3D skill that I’m the least knowledgeable about, especially on how to avoid stretched textures. So today I took a UV Mapping and Wrapping refresher. Process

Day 58: Ape HODL AMC versus Greedy Hedgie

Inspired by a cartoon with an unfortunate unreadable signature (if you know the author, please let me know), I created a 3D composition of it and adjusted it to current events (AMC short squeeze incoming). The whole army of diamond hands apes holding AMC against short selling hedge funds. Reference Details Credits Idea, composition, texture… Continue reading Day 58: Ape HODL AMC versus Greedy Hedgie

Day 57: AMC Building Textured

Today was one of those days in which I feel that I lost all my abilities. It took me a long time to unwrap yesterday’s model and then more time to texture it and in the end, the result is unsatisfactory. I went to the PS1-look road, again, but this is not even close. Process

Day 56: AMC Theater Base Mesh

Modeling a cool building of an AMC Theater. Reason? $AMC. Due to excitement with the $AMC stock, I lost track of time and haven’t managed to texture the model today. I could only allocate time to model it. Reference Process

Day 55: Low Poly Man Body

Continuing from yesterday’s head, I modeled the body. Again, not completely perfect, but fits a PS1 model perfectly. It’s actually even too high poly. Process

Day 54: Low Poly Human Head

When modeling things like these, I remember why in the first place I avoid modeling the human figure. Even with reference, it’s hard to get something accurate. Anyway, I think it turned out ok, considering I want it for PS1-like models. Process