Day 65: Material Maker First Contact

Material Maker is a free and open-source alternative to Substance Designer. Of course, a lot of features are missing (and there’s no Undo), but Material Maker is still a wonderful software made by just ONE person! And still, it’s quite powerful. I followed the official intro and made a procedural brick material. What I liked… Continue reading Day 65: Material Maker First Contact

Day 62: Blender UV Mapping Refresher

From time to time, it seems I completely forget everything about UV Mapping. It is still the 3D skill that I’m the least knowledgeable about, especially on how to avoid stretched textures. So today I took a UV Mapping and Wrapping refresher. Process

Day 60: Video about my 2 Months of Dailies

Up until today I still haven’t talked about my Dailies on my main YouTube channel. So today, since it’s a very special day, in which I reached 60 days of doing a piece of digital and 3D art per day, I recorded and explained the project to my Portuguese-speaking audience.