Did I break my Dailies 150 days streak?

It’s on purpose, I’m rethinking how I should go on from now on, as I stated in my video about the first 150 days (in Portuguese, tho).

Basically, I said I’m thinking of evolving the “Dailies” project in a new format, it will be mostly a Creative Diary, where the daily posts will be grouped by a single subject, this way I can work on longer projects (still with the mentality of not doing perfect, of not taking things seriously. It’s just because after 150 days I came across ideas and projects that require more than one hour per day, without the pressure of having to finish and publish on that given day).

For example: let’s say I’m making a human model, and it will require 7 days. I will write diary entries reporting my work (it could be daily or not), and then after the model is finished, I’ll post it as a project. So, this way consecutive days won’t matter anymore, just the act of keeping doing art.

The 150 days of Dailies worked for me to build a habit, build a new skill and find a new passion. Now I just need to keep evolving with this knowledge. I’m more excited to keep moving than ever!