Dailies are now “Experiments”

I’m finally resuming my Dailies project, but now they are going to be called Experiments or “Experimental Projects”.


  • I do not have to post everyday.
  • Experiments have the same format as my main Projects structure in this website, where I can add logs to each project and additional metadata. This means that a single experiment can span across many non-consecutive days, with many different tasks, similarly as to how some of my Dailies spanned across differente days (modeling, UV, texturing, etc).
  • I may abandon a experiment at any given time, no obligation to finish or polish it.
  • Experiments have separate sections and URLs.
  • Why don’t I simply create Experiments / Experimental Projects as “Projects” under the existing “Projects” section?
    • Because I want to reserve the Projects section for finished projects. If a Experiment turn into a finished project or product or whatever, then I’ll add the final product as a Project.
    • Experiments can also be things I’m learning and practicing, so it doesn not make sense to post them under “Projects”.

Tracking and Counting

I’ll resume from my Dailies counting, which stopped at 150, which means that the first experiment will start as number 151.

The first 150 experiments, or Dailies, will be kept under the Dailies page.