Day 104: Lamp Low Poly Textured

Hand-painted the World of Warcraft low poly lamp that I modeled for daily Day 102: Simplified Lamp from World of Warcraft (the texture is just 128×128). The cut-off squares come from the texture alpha, the geometry is a simple cube.

Day 101: Paper Scroll Folded

Created with a single vertex, then extruded it around and added a Solidify modifier. A PS1 low poly paper scroll made in Blender. Process Update Baked AO and added on top of the texture (multiply), for better shape visibility.

Day 100: Shovel Low Poly Textured

100 days of dailies! To keep my promise of not taking things seriously and to keep fighting against perfection, the 100th daily is a simple low poly shovel! It’s actually yesterday’s daily and today I textured it. Process

Day 96: Pterodactyl Rig

The most complex rig I’ve created so far. I haven’t parented it to the mesh nor weight painted the mesh yet because the rig itself took a long time for my limited Monday daily time.

Day 95: Pterodactyl Textured PS1 Style

Textured yesterday’s Petrodactyl, using alligators and iguanas’ photos. This was a lot of fun! A low poly dinosaur / Pterodactyl, PS1 style modeled, UV unwrapped and textured with Blender. Process Create a 1024×1024 texture with a collage of photos that will be the model’s texture. Create 2 UV Maps: the first one is the “main… Continue reading Day 95: Pterodactyl Textured PS1 Style