Day 124: Forge Bellow from Ironforge Textured (Wow PS1)

In terms of “PS1 look”, the last daily that I was satisfied with was Day 112: Tauren Mill Rigged and Animated (World of Warcraft PS1). The other ones don’t exactly look PS1-like.

With this one, I think I nailed the visuals and style again. Differences in the process:

  • The initial texture for projection, has been prepared at 1024×1024, then scaled down to 512×512 using Bicubic interpolation then 256×256 without interpolation.
  • After projection, the texture used for painting was also 256×256, everything without any interpolation (in Blender: Closests).
  • The AO was baked in a 1024×1024 empty texture and then scaled down to 256×256 as Bicubic and placed on top of the texture in a Multiply Layer.
  • The brightness and contrast of the final texture were tweaked a bit.
  • In Gimp, I ran Posterize -> 24 (normally I would pick 16).