Day 43: IK Refresher

In ancitipation to Ludum Dare this Saturday. This was frustrating. Hopefully, I won’t forget it anymore.


  • Extend from the tail of the leg bone
  • Clear parent (ALT+P)
  • Add pole target (add 3D cursor and then SHIFT+A to add a bone)
  • Uncheck Deform from Pole Target
  • Go to Pose Mode, select FIRST the IK bone, then the leg bone
  • Then SHIFT+CONTROL+C and choose IK
  • Select the leg bone and adjust the IK constraint values
  • If the bones are not rotating when moving the IK, reset the chain length.

Parenting and Assigning Bones

  • Symmetrize the armature in edit mode (select all bones first)
  • Object mode, select the mesh/human/whatever, then shift+click armature
  • CTRL+P and choose with weights or empty groups