Day 43: IK Refresher

In ancitipation to Ludum Dare this Saturday. This was frustrating. Hopefully, I won’t forget it anymore. Process Extend from the tail of the leg bone Clear parent (ALT+P) Add pole target (add 3D cursor and then SHIFT+A to add a bone) Uncheck Deform from Pole Target Go to Pose Mode, select FIRST the IK bone,… Continue reading Day 43: IK Refresher

Day 27: Cute Frog but wrong Interpolation

I modeled and textured this cute frog following the concept and video Blender for Beginners: Easy Froggy! by Mar (@marcelaylucin). After I finished the video, I rigged and weight painted it by myself. I animated a waving animation, and then I changed the interpolation by mistake. Since it looks like a badly made animatronic coming… Continue reading Day 27: Cute Frog but wrong Interpolation

Day 24: 80s Wireframe Chiptune Synced

Added music and audio sync animation to the daily 22. Resources Chiptune loop: HIGH ENERGY CHIPTUNE ♫ Biscuits – Evan King Syncing audio using shape keys: Easy Lip Syncing, Automated Puppet-style || Blender 2.83 by Joey Carlino Process