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Book: Godot Software Development

I’m writing a book about developing Business Software, Mobile Apps and Tools with the Godot Engine!

The book will be mostly focused on data-oriented business applications connected to databases, APIs and websockets (assembling GUI, architecture and implementation).

Everything is still very much a work in progress, but overall the book will be tutorial oriented, covering the development of the following projects with the Godot Engine:

  • Developing a Business native desktop CRM software, connected to a local database, remote RESTful APIs and real-time connected interactions with Websockets.
  • Developing a CRM mobile app, connected to the desktop software.
  • Developing a productivity desktop tool.

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My Godot open-source project Godello

Godot is a viable alternative to React, Qt, Flutter, Electron and other similar application frameworks (plus Godot is very lightweight and fast, and GDScript – Godot’s language – is concise and easy to learn). I proved it with my popular Godello open-source project and the book will go in depth about the subject.

Release Date? Late 2022/Early 2023.

Waiting List and Updates

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Godot UI and Dynamic Systems Masterclass

Do not want to wait for the book? I already have a Godot course published, Dynamic Inventory System and User Interfaces with Godot Course.



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