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Donkeys and Quick and Dirty UIs with Godot - Update #1

As the first update related to the Godot Software Development book, this is just a quick post to show something that I did yesterday with Godot: it’s been 3 months that I’m trying to decide a game idea to make, but I get lost forever in a cycle of indecision due to having too many ideas all the time, then I end up choosing none of the ideas and then I starve due to my indecision, there’s even a name for that, called the parable of Buridan’s Ass.

I got tired of it and decided to make a quick idea generator that mixes what I have in mind for a game.

It took me around 10 minutes to throw a very quick and dirty UI and write the logic for the idea generator, with a bunch of data sets with my preferences. After some tweaking, it generated a bunch of ideas that I’m satisfied with. I normally write these as console applications using Elixir or Python, but using Godot allows for a quicker visual iteration. Is it ugly? Yes. Is it adjustable for screen-sizes? Absolutely not. But it got the work done.

This is not the idea I chose, but thinking about it… maybe I should change my mind again and pick this crazy mix? 😛

And then I decided that this is what the first chapter of the Godot Software Development book will be: using Godot as a way to create quick and dirty software prototypes. This is not only for personal prototypes. The idea is specially in a business situation where you need to validate something, in a few minutes you can prototype it with Godot, due to the stupidly easy to use UI system and lightweight environment.

On other news, I released my Inventory System and UI as open-source yesterday, check it out on Github, for another complex UI project with Godot (my other one is Godello, the clone of Trello).

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