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Table of Contents from the Godot Course

This is the table of contents from the Godot Course: Dynamic Inventory System and User Interfaces (Education Projects).

01-Setup and Godot Concepts

  • 01-001-Installation and Project Setup
  • 01-002-Godot Editor Interface
  • 01-003-Editor Settings
  • 01-004-Scenes and Nodes
  • 01-005-Controls, Anchors, Margins and Layouts

02-Creating the UI

  • 02-001-Introduction
  • 02-002-Starting the UIInventory Scene
  • 02-003-Container Control Nodes
  • 02-004-Placing a HBoxContainer
  • 02-005-Understading Anchors and Margins
  • 02-006-Adding the Items and Info Columns
  • 02-007-Categories Header and Grid
  • 02-008-Category Button Scene
  • 02-009-Category Button Adjustments
  • 02-010-Grid for Inventory Items
  • 02-011-Reusable Button Frame Scene
  • 02-012-Inventory Item Button Scene
  • 02-013-Aligning the Navigation Arrows
  • 02-014-Creating the Item Info Box
  • 02-015-Rich Label for the Item Description
  • 02-016-Custom UI Theme
  • 02-017-Item and Equipment Stats Labels and Icons
  • 02-018-Understanding Size Flags
  • 02-019-Documentation Inside Godot
  • 02-020-Equipment Slots and Complex UI Positioning
  • 02-021-UI to any Screen Size and Keep Aspect Ratio
  • 02-022-Context Menu and Setting Button Skinning
  • 02-023-Placing the Context Menu
  • 02-024-Understanding UI Scrolling in Godot
  • 02-025-Placing the ScrollContainer to Scroll Inventory Items
  • 02-026-Customizing and Hiding Scroll Bars
  • 02-027-Inventory Full Screen and Title Header
  • 02-028-Gold Counter
  • 02-029-Character Level Progress Bar
  • 02-030-Inventory Footer and Close Button
  • 02-031-Importing the Sample Game and Tilemap Scene

03-GDScript Crash Course

  • 03-001-Intro to GDScript for Programmers
  • 03-002-Signals, Coroutines and Event-Based Programming
  • 03-003-Building a Traffic Light with Godot to explore all features of GDScript

04-Godot Resources In-Depth and Inventory Data Model

  • 04-001-Resources
  • 04-002-Resources as Scriptable Objects
  • 04-003-Why create custom Resources and Scriptable Objects
  • 04-004-Coding EntityItem and our First Custom Resource
  • 04-005-Creating More Item Resources
  • 04-006-EntityPlayer and Player Resource
  • 04-007-Game State with Singletons and Preloading Resources
  • 04-008-Instantiating Custom Resources, Unique and Shared Resources
  • 04-009-Inventory with Unique Item Instances and References
  • 04-010-Multiple Item Categories in One with Category Displays
  • 04-011-Importing the Sample Database and Creating a Big Inventory
  • 04-012-Dynamically Loading Resources from a Directory
  • 04-013-Indexing Items by Category
  • 04-014-Counting Items from Multiple Categories

05-Dynamically Populating Inventory Grids and Scroll Animations

  • 05-001-Planning a Pagination Based Scrolling (Infinite Scrolling)
  • 05-002-Starting the Implementation of the Scrolling
  • 05-003-Instantiating Grid Buttons for Inventory Items
  • 05-004-Assigning EntityItem and Item Sprites to Buttons in the Grid
  • 05-005-Splitting Items in Different Grid Pages
  • 05-006-Calculating Page Size and Amount of Pages
  • 05-007-Scrolling Left and Right by Jumping to Pages
  • 05-008-Hiding Navigation Buttons In the First and Last Pages
  • 05-009-Basic Scrolling Animation with an Animation Player
  • 05-010-Coding the Scroll Forward Animation
  • 05-011-Coding the Scroll Backwards Animation
  • 05-012-Updating Navigation Params when the Animation Finishes
  • 05-013-Splitting Items by Category with Dynamic Grids per Category
  • 05-014-Code Hack to Fix the Scroll Animation Issue

06-Inventory Category Buttons (Category Displays)

  • 06-001-Instantiating Category Buttons
  • 06-002-Assigning the Icons of Categories to Buttons
  • 06-003-Saving References to Category Display Pages and Nodes
  • 06-004-Navigate to Category Page
  • 06-005-Category Button States and Highlighting on Mouse Over
  • 06-006-Active Category Displays
  • 06-007-Label with the Name of the Active Category
  • 06-008-Label Centered on Top of the Active Category
  • 06-009-Category Label Movement with the Mouse

07-Item Info Box

  • 07-001-Item Button Mouse Hover Border
  • 07-002-Referencing the Nodes of the Info Box
  • 07-003-Assigning Item Properties to the Info Box
  • 07-004-Displaying Item Properties on Mouse Hover

08-Equipping and Unequipping Items

  • 08-001-AnimationPlayer and Functions to Highlight Active Item Buttons
  • 08-002-Highlighting Item Buttons on Click
  • 08-003-Showing the Item Context Menu
  • 08-004-Data Model for Equipped Items
  • 08-005-Base Equip and Unequip Items Funcions
  • 08-006-Custom Signals for Handling Item Equip Events
  • 08-007-Item Equipped Background
  • 08-008-Binding an Item to the Context Menu
  • 08-009-Equip and Unequip Items with the Context Menu
  • 08-010-Equipment Slots with Assigned Item Types
  • 08-011-Fixing the Unequip Slot Callback
  • 08-012-Showing the Icon of the Equipped Items
  • 08-013-Automatically Unequip One Handed when Two Handed is Equipped

09-Acquiring and Picking Up Items

  • 09-001-Adding New Items Into The Inventory
  • 09-002-Reloading The Inventory Screen With New Items
  • 09-003-Hiding And Showing The Inventory Screen In The Game
  • 09-004-Pause The Game When The Inventory Is Open
  • 09-005-Collectable Item Nodes And Adding To The Inventory

Tools Used in this Log

  • GDScript
  • Godot

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