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Game Development Documentaries and Game Jams - Interview with Phil Strahl (Pixel Prophecy)

He’s a creative mastermind, he makes high production indie game development videos and documentaries that can take as much as 400 hours of work. He makes music, costumes, art, programming, and more. In this podcast, Phil Strahl, from Pixel Prophecy.

He participates in game jams, especially Ludum Dare and records everything, producing eye catching and engaging documentaries – “Pixel Prophecy – Videos About Making Games”.


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Table of Contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:39 Can you give us a quick introduction about yourself?
00:01:09 Where do you live?
00:01:32 How to pronounce your name?
00:01:59 Phil Strahl vs Pixel Prophecy
00:02:51 Do you work with games full-time?
00:03:33 What is your field of work? Gamedev at work?
00:04:54 When and how did you start making games?
00:10:41 Move from programming to colorist
00:15:39 When did you start making music?
00:21:05 Catchy music from the game Rampage
00:22:00 Creating what you love vs popular opinion
00:24:01 “Create for yourself, not for others”
00:25:10 “Indie Games and originality, innovation, passion”
00:27:20 Van Gogh and Indie Games
00:29:00 How do your create game development docs and videos?
00:39:15 How to make video editing fun?
00:44:44 How long does it take to make documentaries?
00:48:50 Finishing things is very important
00:51:40 Gamedev and Game Jams as an Excuse to Make Things
00:59:31 Most memorable Game Jam
01:03:20 Have you ever liked a Game Jam theme?
01:04:23 “Open-ended game ideas, limitations, overthinking”
01:08:16 “Artist’s Dilemma, finding our own twist”
01:11:58 Complexity when Making Games
01:13:57 Releasing a Commercial Game as Indie
01:15:27 Finished not Perfect Indie Game
01:16:27 Building a Game from Scratch
01:21:01 Indie game marketing
01:22:33 Curiosity: Erlang Language
01:24:15 Curiosity: Alfred’s name German pronunciation
01:25:18 What is your favorite DAW Digital Audio Workstation?
01:27:20 Favorite video editing software
01:29:05 Favorite Game Engine
01:31:54 Unreal Engine and Godot
01:34:00 Speaking of Unity
01:35:58 Tips to those starting to make games
01:38:15 Closing words

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