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Brazilian Street Food Simulator

Experience the dynamics of preparing Brazilian Street Food, such as Sugar Cane Juice, Pastel, and Tapioca. Play around with typical equipment, vehicles and processes from Brazilian street vendors. A casual simulator game without time pressure (Steam Page).

Your Opportunity to Virtually Experience Brazilian Street Food as a Street Vendor

Play around with the different dynamics of preparing Brazilian Street Food, such as Sugar Cane Juice, Pastel, and Tapioca. Play around with typical equipment and processes from Brazilian street vendors. A casual and relaxing simulator game, without time pressure.

  • Detailed simulations of typical Brazilian street food: Sugar Cane Juice, Pastel, Tapioca and Skewer (Espetinho).
  • Play around with the realistic simulation of the dynamics of each different food and equipment involved, inspired from real-life street vendors and real-life Brazilian equipment, such as Sugarcane Mills and Grinders and more.
  • Experience the same setup as street vendors from Brazil, such as using the same vehicles, lettering and furniture style.
  • Experience a typical Brazilian neighborhood urban architecture environment (fictitious location).
  • Relax and play at your own pace, without time constraints.

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Solo Indie Game

Hi! My name is Alfred Reinold Baudisch, aka Pardall, and I’m developing this game on my free time, alone (with my dog, Koda). As a Brazilian living abroad for the past 4 years, I miss Brazilian food and the unique identity and culture of how they sell it, that’s why I decided to make this game (plus I love chill simulator games).

I’m trying to replicate every detail involved in each of the food types described above, and I’m not only talking about the food itself, but everything involved around them – because depending on the type of food sold by street vendors, there’s a completely different way of presenting and selling it (equipment, furniture, banners, clothing, location, etc.).

For those reasons, this game will be released in chapters, each chapter will be about a food type. The first chapter is a sandbox all about Sugar Cane Juice

Going Viral

I posted the game announcement Tweet and Trailer publicly for the 1st time 19/08, went to bed, woke up with it going viral – 300K impressions. Check the tweet here.

Then, a day later, over than one million impressions – all organically!

Brazilian Street Food Simulator Announcement Stats (all organically)

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GameplayRJ (8 million subscribers):

Flow Games (1 million Twitch followers): (this video is a clip from the live segment).




  • Work In Progress


  • Blender
  • C++
  • Substance Painter
  • Unreal Engine


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