Day 47: Developed my LDJam 48 Game “The Spectrum Soup”

After 3 days of work, alone, the game is finished, 2 hours short of the end of the Jam from Ludum Dare 48!

A game about diving deep into what happens in the everyday actions of someone on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. An exploration of the ingredients, traits, and thoughts of an autistic mind. A game about mental disorders and how day-to-day mundane things are perceived by both neurodiverse and neurotypicals.

Explore the depths of autism and a bit of bipolarity. Collect items that represent each trait and behavior. Going deep on what makes the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

To make things even better, April is Autism Acceptance Month, so this game matches this month perfectly.

Production Notes

Made in 72 hours, from scratch, by myself, alone, for Ludum Dare 48.

  • ALL the art from scratch in Blender.
  • Photos from Pexels (all Royalty free, no credit needed), then adjusted and prepared for textures of the 3D models.
  • Sounds from freesound.
  • Music by me, but not made during the jam, it’s the music I made for Ludum Dare 46.
  • Game developed in Godot Engine, also from scratch.


Some Process