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  • Founded July/2015 and still active, albeit temporarily offline.
  • All in one platform where companies of all sizes can build, deploy and manage chatbots and transactional processes.
  • To make it easy for small businesses, we made ready to use templates for common scenarios of customer support and e-commerce pipelines.
  • Fred also has a platform for developers, with a visual drag and drop process builder, built-in scripting with Lua and a visual API HTTP gateway.
How a WhatsApp bot got famous and evolved as the Brazilian WeChat and conversational commerce platform (in English)
Blog (Portuguese)
YouTube Channel
Article about us in the most important Brazilian small business magazine (in Portuguese)
To Hell and Back: Why choosing Elixir to build a startup from scratch was both a terrible and an awesome decision (a presentation I gave about Fred and its tech)

Fred Curiosities

  • I participated in the proof of concept edition of Shark Tank Brasil, which was called “Million Dollar Elevator” before they got licensed. The episode with my participation can be seen on my personal YouTube channel.
    • To the investors, I talked about my initial success with my MVP of Fred. They all refused.
    • The investment I got for Fred has nothing to do with my participation on Shark Tank.
  • I participated in the official “Big Brother Brasil Hackathon”, inside the official Big Brother Brasil’s house and studio. In the official video, I appear in different spots of the video (first appearance at 0:25, here).



  • Inactive
  • Professional
  • Work In Progress


  • Elixir
  • Photoshop
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • React
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