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151: Restarting Digital Painting


I’m starting with Digital Painting from scratch again, following the “Med’s Map: Your Guide to Digital Painting Mastery” course. I’m also restarting the course, because previously I was a bit further away. But since I lost practice, I’m restarting everything.

Setting up and deciding about Painting Softwares

In this new beginning, I spent more time configuring painting softwares and adjusting them to my new XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro:

  • Clip Paint Studio
  • Krita
  • Photoshop

For now, I settled down with Clip Paint Studio. I got it for US$ 25 during Black Friday.

I got very annoyed with Photoshop for not having any kind of interface customization for tablets and drawing screens.

Clip Paint Studio on the other hand let’s you customize everything. Krita has the right click circular menu, where you can get quick access to brushes, as well the Touch Panel. But for some reaosn, I didn’t get in sync with Krita this time.

I really WANTED to keep using only Krita, but it’s so hard to match the brushes from the course. In CSP I just imported Photoshop brushes.


Clip Paint Studio




  • Clip Paint Studio
  • Krita
  • Photoshop


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