0002: Personal website and Dailies rules

Website live with initial pages and Dailies: https://alfredbaudisch.com/. My “Dailies” are about anything, so this website count as Daily #0002! *

I have created many personal sites and blogs in the past, and they all eventually died (except for my Medium). Now that I’m kicking off the project “EVERYDAYS”, I decided to yet again create another personal website. I didn’t design anything, it’s just the latest WordPress default theme. But creating the initial content for this took hours upon hours (especially the Projects section content).

You know, for accountability and also because I have so many different projects, that I really want to have a central place to list them all.

* My own rules specify that I have to create something new from start to finish, on the same day, and I actually started this website yesterday. But yesterday I just kicked it off with default settings, fine tuning and writing the posts today, so that’s why I consider it as Daily #0002, it was a lot of work to write the initial pages and content.

What is Live in this Website

  • Projects page, with projects by category (TODO one day: each project in their own detailed, individual page)
  • About page
  • Dailies category and listing
  • Custom Home

Project Dailies

  • Inspired by Beeple Everydays, but a better name for me is Dailies (because I play MMORPGs and you have to do “Daily Tasks” or “Daily Quests”, also inspired by the Habitica platform)
  • Create something new everyday: art, code, text, video, etc., no matter whether physical or digital.
    • The original mission of my dailies is to improve in Art and dominate Blender one day, but in the end the mission is to help me not worry about details, since I have to start fresh everyday, and habit building.
  • It must be published to account for a consecutive day.
  • Previous days’ dailies can be reused, as long as I use them to create new pieces of work or to improve them.