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The Spectrum Soup

A virtual museum about Autism. An exploration of some of the ingredients and traits of the ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder, from the point of view of an Adult Autistic – my point of view of my own autism.

Collect items that represent autistic traits. They all come together in the final room.

A short game developed during the course of 3 days, from scratch, by myself, for the game jam Ludum Dare 48.

Production Notes

  • ALL the art from scratch in Blender.
  • I tried to achieve a Noir low poly style.
  • Photos from Pexels (all Royalty free, no credit needed), then adjusted and prepared for textures of the 3D models.
  • Sounds from freesound, additional sound effects obtained from Main music from
  • Game developed in Godot Engine, also from scratch.
  • Calling autistic traits “ingredients” and the spectrum as “soup” was an inspiration from the artist Cypopps.
  • To make things even better, April is Autism Acceptance Month, so this game matches this month perfectly.



  • Completed
  • Personal / Hobby


  • Blender
  • GIMP
  • Godot
  • Krita


  • Gamedev
  • Low Poly
  • Photo Texture
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