Dailies Rules

Create a new creative piece of work every day, from start to finish: art, code, text, video, music, photo, etc., no matter whether physical or digital. It doesn’t matter whether what was created looks good or not. I can always improve (or get worse) the next day.

Why? Initially, the mission was to create a routine to improve in Art and Blender (especially retro/Play Station 1 inspired artwork), but I expanded it to more creative fields, it helps me not stress over details and fight against perfection, since I have to start fresh every day. With my work as a software engineer, I take things and myself too seriously, thus with the project Dailies, I want to not take things and myself seriously.

Every day I have a completely new perspective on a subject matter.

It must be published to account for a consecutive day. Creative and artistic habit building.

Previous days’ dailies can be reused, as long as I use them to create new or derivative pieces of work. For example: in one day I can create a 3D model and in another day I can animate it.

Inspired by Beeple Everydays and Piper Thibodeau daily creatures.

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Create a piece of creative work every day, from start to finish, and publish it, no matter how good or bad it is. Fight perfection. Do not take things seriously.